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Need some extra motivation with your self care?

These at home classes will help you stay on track with your self care.

We think it is vitally important to look after your body and not just in the treatment room with a Remedial Massage therapist, a physio or a chiro. This is why Lisa created these classes which will help you improve the way your body feels from the inside out.

Lisa provides a variety of different level options depending on where you are at with your flexibility levels in the yoga classes. As well as guiding you through how to use the foam roller and massage ball in different areas of your body in a class format.

The videos include:

1 x 30min Massage Ball and Foam Roller Class – Lower Body

1 x 30min Massage Ball and Foam Roller Class – Upper Body

2 x 1hr Yoga and Meditation Class

Once we have received your payment you will receive a confirmation email with access to these classes


'I just wanted to say a big thank you for the online Self Care classes that I am loving doing while I am working away in the Pilbara. Also loving the meditations at the end - relax me every time!' - Liz

'I just love these video sessions and have gained so much from subscribing to them, seeing real results in a very short period of time. My current role is demanding, being very time poor, often making excuses for doing any form of exercise. Looking at it now, I tended to be putting my health and wellbeing on the bottom of the priority list. I initially commenced the video sessions when we all started working from home due to Covid. At this time I had very quickly become aware that I needed to look after both my mental and physical health and wellbeing. The video sessions didn’t take very long to get me hooked, and the best part was I didn’t need to leave home and I felt comfortable that I could do the best I could, without the pressure of performing alongside a bunch of very fit people, had it been in the usual physical gym environment. They are for just the right length of time, and results came quickly, although I was starting from ground zero, so it didn’t take very long to see some form of improvement. I quickly increased my fitness levels, but more importantly the sessions also offered enough to challenge me to push myself even further and not stay in what was ‘my comfortable zone’. This lead me to become even more active on a daily basis in all other work-life activities, I started cycling, walking more, and swimming – I loved my new schedule! The ability to choose when I could fit in my exercise throughout the day was a huge bonus and I found that I was doing two sessions a day by the end of the second week, and more importantly I was actually looking forward to doing them! The online programmes complement each other tremendously and I recommend doing this so that you not only have the variety in your exercise program, but you also get a whole body workout across the various sessions undertaken throughout each week. The technique, health and wellbeing tips provided through the sessions were encouraging and I didn’t feel like I was being preached to, or pushed, rather being helped and encouraged along the way, enabling me to make REAL permanent life changes for better health. Thanks for putting these videos together Body Balance Health & Wellness Team – I love them!' - Denise

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