Do you suffer from Headaches?


A painful sensation in any part of the head, ranging from sharp to dull, that may occur with other symptoms.

We are sure most of the human population is familiar with headaches. But did you know, there are several hundred types of headaches? Headaches can arise for all sorts of reasons; eye strain, flickering lights (think computer screens) dehydration, hormones, maybe you had too much of a good time one night, illness, postural headaches, stress, migraines, cervicogenic migraines, cluster headaches, sinus.. the list is as long as our arms.

The most common types of headaches are Tension, Migraine, Cluster and Sinus headaches.

These are the ones the majority of the population encounter.

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Common headache types are broken into categories of Primary or Secondary headaches. If a person has a primary headache, this means it is the sole cause with no underlying illness that has triggered an episode. Examples of this include stress, lack of sleep, alcohol, lack of fluids, fatigue or consuming processed food which trigger an inflammatory response within the body. A secondary headache is caused by an illness, infection, injury and can range from harmless to very dangerous.

Some headaches are responsive to massage treatment as go-to, to relieve the pain. Others are contraindicated as massage can make the pain worse, or simply the person is unable to physically tolerate touch (such as migraine headaches, hands up if you know what we are talking about!!). That’s not to say massage is not a fantastic option to maintain a current state of being & prevent headaches. Often we have little trigger points through the muscles (Occipitofrontalis, Temporalis) which cover the skull and the muscles in the jaw (Masseter)  which actually contribute to headache/migraine pain. So keeping on top of the head as well as the neck and shoulders can limit the re-occurrence of headaches.

MLD can also be effective for those who suffer from sinusitis as it can help alleviate the pressure in the sinuses and help drain fluid out of the face. Though again, if you’re suffering from a sinus headache during a flare up – it would be recommended to wait for the infection to clear a little before working around the face, as this can incidentally make you feel worse before you’ll feel better.

So next time you’re feeling like your head is a little achy or you know you’re prone to episodic migraines/sinusitis – think of massage as a treatment option. Even if it’s a regular Indian Head massage, this can help keep those pesky pains at bay.

Why not book a massage today and let us help you with your headaches!