Flexibility Vs strength which one is right to help your pain?

Let’s start with what is Flexibility and mobility.

Mobility is to do with how a limb moves through its range of motion. How does your body move when squatting, how does your body move when reaching your arm overhead or how does her back feel bending forward?

Flexibility is all about the length of your muscle. These can be combined together to create better movement through the body overall.

What is strength and stability?

Obviously, strength can speak for itself, how strong a muscle is.

Stability is how you can maintain and control a movement with your muscles.

These also can be combined together to help reduce pain and better movement through the body.

So what do you need to help reduce your pain?

Well think of it like this…….

You have 2 ends of the scale. You have someone that is very strong for example a body builder. You will find them very shutterstock_764263492-300x300 Flexibility/Mobility VS Strength/Stability, what do you need?strong through their muscles but sometimes your will find they will lack mobility and flexibility.

Then on the other end of the scale you have for example a contortionist or someone that can be hyper-mobile. They may have the flexibility but lacking the strength.

We don’t want one more than the other so you need to find a happy medium to meet the centre of the scale. Especially if you are in pain or doing any rehab, because you can be in pain even if you are strong and also be in pain even if you’re a flexible.

Most of the time you need a bit of both but it all depends on the person and their lifestyle. Exercises to improve your flexibility and strength is a very important part in helping reducing your pain and it is up to the person/you to ensure these are done so you can go towards a more pain free life. Its not just about what happens in the treatment room, their is sometimes work to be done outside the treatment room.

If you are unsure professionals will help guide you in the direction you need. We do this is our clinic, physiotherapists and Chiropractors do this as well. So please seek professional help when needed.

We also have created a Wellness Portal which includes all these exercises for people to access. This is available on our online store.