Holistic Healing: Looking after your body the natural way

Look What does the word holistic really mean?

  1. Philosophy

characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.


characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

Holistic healing, what does this mean? The notion that all of what makes us human is interconnected isn’t a new concept. Though it is one that has been largely suppressed in western society. We only have to look to Eastern, tribal and indigenous medicinal practices to see how true this sentiment is.

Looking at the body as a whole, can give us so much insight into what is really going on physically, structurally, mentally and energetically.

As massage therapists we obviously treat the physical, by incorporating internal and energetic modalities to this regimen can help elicit results which are defining and long lasting.

We want to ensure you get the best results from your treatments, we know when your body may need more than just the physical treatment. If we feel that there is something more going on with your body, that is wider than our scope of practice we may refer you on to see another practitioner to help your journey to better health and wellness. This way we can ensure you are getting the results that you really need and want from your body.

So what exactly are these other modalities we may refer you on to……



A Naturopath is a natural medicine practitioner which views the client as an individual rather than just the symptoms they present with. Naturopathic treatment combines herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, diet and lifestyle modifications to support each client holistically.

The body has an innate power to heal itself and a Naturopath will help you identify specific body systems that need supporting while removing triggers that may be contributing to your health issues.

One of the main principles of Naturopathy is prevention is better than cure. Naturopathy treatment will aim to balance and optimise your health on a holistic level which will reduce the incidence of illness.

A Naturopathy degree is a Bachelor of Health Science which takes a minimum of 4 years for completion. Once qualified, a Naturopath is registered with an association which will provide them with insurance and they will be required to undertake a minimum of 20 hours continued education per year.

Treatment from a naturopath is non-invasive and includes:

  • Nutritional medicine- Identify any nutritional deficiencies through pathology and optimise rather than just be in “normal range”.
  • Dietary planning – Individual dietary planning to suit the individual based on their health priorities, removing trigger foods that may be exacerbating the clients symptoms or condition.
  • Herbal medicine – Holistic natural medicine with multiple actions per individual herb. Liquid herbal mixtures are tailored and specific to the individual client.
  • Counselling – Overcoming stress and Emotional stress to reduce the negative impacts of stress and trauma on an individuals overall health status.
  • Lifestyle advice- Modification of lifestyle may include stress reduction, meditation, setting goals, reducing alcohol and increasing exercise.

Naturopathy is suitable for people of all ages and can alleviate a wide variety of conditions including Fatigue, stress related conditions, digestion issues, general aches and pains and PMT. Through Naturopathy you optimise health and wellbeing improving how you feel while preventing illness.

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Kinesiology is a powerful healing modality that combines an ancient Eastern energetic healing art with Western physiological healing sciences.

A Kinesiologist will use a gentle muscle monitoring technique to access the subconscious mind which will lead the practitioner to the source of the origin or the problem creating stress within the body systems.

The aim is to de-stress any imbalances, blocks & dis-ease in the body that may be causing any emotional, physical & spiritual imbalances.

It is these Blocks or imbalances within the body that can block the body’s energetic pattern which in turn affects the biological functions within resulting in changes in energy

As the Biofeedback muscle monitoring technique will guide the practitioner to these blockages and “the body’s innate ability” will show the practitioner the best way to restore the energy back to its natural state known as “Homeostasis”.

This is done through a variety of corrections such as Chakra & Meridian balancing, Acupressure points, Five Elements, Sound therapy, Flower Essences, Affirmations & Reiki Energy to name a few.

Imbalances can be presented on a Physical, Emotional / Mental & Spiritual level.

Examples of such can include:

  • Muscle Pain & Weakness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety / Worrying
  • Not coping in stressful situations
  • Decreased energy levels
  • Learning difficulties
  • Relationship issues
  • Digestive Health Discomfort
  • Allergies /Food Intolerance’s
  • Nervous system disorders – high emotions, rage, foggy brain, hard to focus, circulating thoughts
  • Immune system Imbalances
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Chakra Imbalances
  • Low self Esteem

The goal of a Kinesiology Session is to balance & resolve the identified issues and get to the root cause of the imbalance in the body.

On some level, the body is already aware of the issue and what is needed to heal, this is the body’s “Innate Ability to heal itself”

A Kinesiologist will access the information & will then realign the energy systems to begin the healing process, this will then help you connect back to yourself & assist you to get back on track.

A kinesiologist undertakes years of training on many different levels of the body, learning in-depth about the Anatomy & Physiology of the body, Neurological, Emotional, Personality types & Spiritual levels.

They have an understanding of the science of the body mixed with the mind, body & Soul aspects, so they look at the body as a whole.

It is important to remember, Kinesiology does not treat or diagnose & is not to be used to diagnose disease or disorders on a medical level.

A Kinesiologist will simply just follow a trial of clues that the body provides them through the muscle response.

A good Kinesiologist will be registered to a professional organisation and will continue with ongoing studies about the body to be able to offer you the resources your body needs.

Everyone can benefit from Kinesiology.

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Who should I see?

If either of these practices appeal to you, our friends Kat at Invigorate Naturopathy and Belinda Aditya Kinesiology would happily help your journey to better health and wellness. We can work together as a holistic team, to help bring true balance, movement and wellness to your life.



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