What are spikey balls?

The spikey balls act similar to a foam roller in a way. It is a self – massage therapy tool. These balls have spikes on them to stimulate the muscles but they can also be known as torture balls. They are great for muscle recovery. The balls mainly target your trigger points/knots in your muscles. By targeting the trigger points they then help to reduce pain and improve range of motion through the muscles. The spikey balls are great for putting in your gym bag or taking it when you travel.

What are the benefits of using a spikey ball?

  • Improves postureshutterstock_682424644-300x200 How spikey is your ball?
  • Increases blood flow to those areas
  • Reduces joint stiffness
  • Can improve flexibility
  • Reduces muscle pain

What is the difference between a foam roller and a spikey ball? Which one should I use?

USE BOTH! I use a foam roller first then follow it up with the spikey ball. The foam roller stimulates the overall muscle, gets the blood flow going more effectively to the muscles. The foam roller is more of that Trigger point therapy work, working on those specific knots and areas. Foam rollers just can’t quite get to those trigger points.

Where can I use the spikey ball?

ANYWHERE! Where ever you have tight and sore muscles use it! My favourite places to use them are in between the shoulder blades, lower back, glutes, traps, chest and neck.

Click the links below to watch some videos on how I demonstrate to use these balls.

How to use the spikey ball on your feet

How to use the spikey ball on your forearms

How to use the spikey ball on your neck

How to use the spikey ball on your chest

How to use the spikey ball on your glutes

How to use the spikey ball on your upper back

How to use the spikey ball on you lower back

Why you’re there why not check out some other videos of mine.

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