Its all about the PECS

What are your pecs and their role?

When it comes to the pec muscles there are two pec (or should I refer to them as Pectoralis muscles) muscles we would shutterstock_129969800-300x212 It's all about the PECSbe referring to. The petoralis Major and the pectoralis minor, these two muscles together make up the pec muscle group. The pectoralis major makes up the majority of the pec muscles. The pec muscles help control the movement of the arm in different directions. This meaning if the pec muscles become tight and shortened the arm/shoulder would be pulled forward causing the back muscles and scapula to go under stretch and tension.

Why are working on the pecs so important to posture and upper back pain?

So we all would think that when we have upper back pain we would need to focus on releasing the back muscles right? Well releasing the pecs and working on your pecs plays a big roll in helping you correct your posture and reducing uppershutterstock_610136480-200x300 It's all about the PECS back pain, even if you don’t feel pain there. Like I said the pec muscles control the movement of your arm so if your pecs are tight causing your shoulder to roll forward pulling on your back muscles that’s why you will fill the pain across your upper back. The upper back muscles are being strained and they have to work a lot harder, hence causing you upper back pain.

Do your pecs hurt when being treated?

For 99% off people that’s a YES because they either haven’t had their pecs worked on before or they so didn’t realise how tight their pecs were so they personally haven’t done anything to them before the help improve them. Trust me I know how much they are uncomfortable when getting treated, but I personally know they one of the most beneficial places to be treated for overall improvement of posture and upper back pain.


Most of my clients would have a spikey massage ball to help release tight muscles in between treatments. So next time instead of just trying to treat the exact place were you are sore try treating your pecs too. Click on the link below to see a video I did on how to release through the pecs with the spikey ball and a great pec stretch.


I want people to really start thinking more about their pecs and not just their upper back. So don’t be afraid to ask your therapist to work on your pec muscles.

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