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How is yours going?

Over the last 2 years I have changed internally a lot and it wasn’t until I had to get completely depressed to take the time to focus on my mind. Yes you can say this is a load of crap, I’m fine, who needs to focus on their mindset???? Well that probably means YOU!


I used to have a lot of internal dialogue and I would bring myself down all the time. I would have no confidence and always care of what people thought of me. Now I have more confidence that I have ever had before, no more negative talk to myself of how unattractive I thought I was or that I wasn’t good enough and people wouldn’t like me. I used to always want people to like me but now I have accepted that everyone is so different and you aren’t going to get along with everyone and that’s OK!

So what made me get out of my deep hole??? It’s taken over 2 years to get there and now I feel like I am flying high. So don’t think you can just change your mindset just like that! Yes we are all impatient and want everything NOW. Changing your mindset and getting you on the right positive path takes time and its hard work, but it’s worth it!

I was lucky enough to come across some business coaches to help me start my business. In this program they have mindset coaches. If you run your own business you know your mindset is one you need to master so anything that is thrown at you, you can deal with and keep moving forward.

The first thing I focused on was my self-confidence and the destructive negative talk I used to do to myself. When I had my first session with the mindset coach I was dreading it as I don’t really like to talk about my feelings too much and it used to actually give me a bit of anxiety. That first session I had I have never cried so much, he was getting in my face and just pushing and pushing me until I was able to say I LOVE YOU LISA to myself, geez that was HARD! But since that moment I was a completely different person, I’m not even sure how that one session could have changed everything. From then I knew I needed to continue with my mindset.


In my business group they give us a morning ritual to do, it’s basically like a meditation but in the middle section you need to yell out positive affirmations that will be able to sink in and change your mind. Its sounds crazy I know! I didn’t like the middle section at first as I just thought I related to the first and last section, the more quite, calm and focused sections. I would complete this morning ritual here and there but not really get into it. But then this year at one of the business retreats I attended something changed and I went all out in it where my voice felt sore. I felt great and knew I had to keep this going. So now I try to complete the morning ritual at least 3-5 x a week. And yes if you heard it and you are not into the mindset thing you would probably think I am crazy! But it really does help get you in a positive mind for the day ahead. It has helped me stay a float in business and not pull the pin when I thought it was all too hard.

The next was trying to build my courage up to quit my FIFO job and go full time with my own business. Now I was just scared of the unknown, we all like certainty right? Well if I left my FIFO job I was going into the uncertainty and I was struggling to do that. I think I just got to the point of complete exhaustion from working so much that I knew deep down if I didn’t make a change I wouldn’t grow and I would be stuck in FIFO for ever. This was so emotional for me as I was about to trust myself and put myself out there. Because over the last 18months I have worked on my mindset, I had built the muscle of having a strong mindset of IVE GOT THIS! I did it, I quit FIFO and guess what I have survived! My business has just grown even more and I don’t regret anything.


I have always believed that everything happens for a reason and even if you don’t shutterstock_352900961-300x300 Master your MINDSETlike it at the time that’s the way your life it suppose to happen and you will see it in the end.

Now to ensure I can keep my stress levels down and my confidence up I am now completing my morning ritual about 3-5 x a week and I have started a stress meditation and a money mindset meditation every night. I am now all in for self-development and mindset, I think in life you have to be open to new things otherwise you will be set in your ways and there is no room to grow. I don’t judge anything until I try it. I feel like making these changes and incorporating some kind on mindset meditations into my routines I have become a stronger and happier person within.

I encourage anyone out there to really give it a go and focus on your mindset for once, see what changes it brings to you and I really think it can get addictive. In the end we all want to keep improving on ourselves so we can live a happier life.

Remember if you can master your mindset anything is possible and your can unlock your full potential.

If you are interested in some free mediation please click HERE to download the Brain Wellness spa stress or hope meditations so start your meditating now.

In the near future I will be bringing out my own little meditations for everyone to enjoy!

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