Metabolic Waste and Massage

What is Metabolic Waste?

Metabolic Waste is produced by our cells every day, even our muscles produce metabolic waste due to everyday function.  It is the build-up of toxins in the body which cannot be used and therefore become toxic and need to be excreted from the body through urination, sweating and exhaling.

When we expose ourselves to wastes and environmental toxins such as alcohol, chemicals, carbon dioxide, cleaning products, heavy metals like fertiliser, lead, mercury, pesticides, residues, petroleum products, medications, even personal care products, food allergens and food that contain synthetic chemicals, our bodies overload with metabolic waste and if excess build-up occurs it restricts normal function and prevents us from living our highest quality of life.

So, what does massage have to do with metabolic waste and how does massage help?

When our muscles are tight, painful and causing us stress, when we have knots and overuse our bodies, it restricts circulation in the area affected which prevents the body from being able to remove the waste.

Massage doesn’t remove metabolic waste from the body, it merely stimulates the lymphatic system increasing the removal of waste products to help remove lactic acid, increase healing, and decrease muscular fatigue, stress and pain.

How do I know if I have a build-up of toxins in my body?

If you are suffering from headaches and migraines, muscle and joint aches and pains, fatigue, insomnia, heart burn, sinus issues, digestive disorders, respiratory problems, problematic skin conditions or disorders, constipation, premenstrual syndrome, difficulty concentrating or trouble losing weight, stress, anxiety, bloating and gas, are all just a few symptoms of toxin build-up in your body.


Does massage promote metabolic waste removal and physical detoxification?

YES! Massage, along with trigger point therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, stretching, foam rolling, and exercising to keep the body moving, keeping the muscles loose, improving circulation and flexibility which helps your body process metabolic wastes and assists with the detoxification process.


Think of it this way…

Take cars for instance, they require regular maintenance and servicing, changing oil and coolant, replacing filters, tires etc.  Even tools and equipment, they all require servicing, maintenance and calibrating so they can work effectively.  Our bodies are no different! Everything requires maintenance for proper functioning and longevity.

SO… Look after your body, get regular massages, keep moving, fuel your body with all the good healthy stuff and KEEP THAT TOXIC WASTE REMOVING!

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