This is a short blog but a goodie!

Right lets do this, new year new me! RIGHT? That’s what everyone is saying anyway, with all their goals ready to go. Yes I do have a couple of things I would like to achieve but am not really here to talk about them today!

I am here to talk about us (well I do this anyway) not acknowledging or taking the time to acknowledge what we have achieved in the last year, 6months or even yesterday. We live in such a fast paced world were we need to keep busy, we need to keep pushing ourselves and accomplishing things, is anything really ever good enough?

So I have a plan to help with this!

I bet over the last year you have accomplished so many things, whether its big or small but can you really remember them all? I surely can’t! I also don’t really take the time to sit back and acknowledge what I have done, I am always focused on what I still have to achieve.

This year is changing!


20190105_122551-225x300 Welcome to 2019

Yes it looks very empty at the moment though by the end of 2019 let’s hope it’s FULL! I have created a Jar sitting at my front reception and each time I achieve something, whether its personal or business, I will write down what it is and it in the jar. At the end of the year I can then sit back and really take the time to acknowledge what I have achieved and be proud of myself.

I am sure so many people are proud of YOU but can you say that your proud of yourself?

Make 2019 not only a year that yes you achieve your little or big goals you set out to do but your also take the time to acknowledge them and be happy with yourself.

So what a you waiting for? Go get a jar and create your own achievement jar!


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