What is actually involved in Corporate Massage?

Corporate massage basically means massage in the workplace. Bringing massage into the workplace can have a variety of benefits to the employees. Studies have found that massageshutterstock_1048652777-300x200 What is Corporate Massage therapy is effective in alleviating psychological and physiological strain, as made evident by reduced blood pressure, decreased urinary and salivary cortisol levels, and lowered catecholamine levels as well as through decreases in self-reported perceived stress. Work-site massage therapy offered to employees may offer additional benefits in terms of increased positive employee outcomes related to both physical and psychological health, as well as increased employee productivity and job satisfaction. Massage therapy treatment may also be effective in reducing negative psychological, physiological, and behavioural strain symptoms, and could therefore be employed as a strain reduction strategy directly within organizations (Day, Arla & Gillan, L & Francis, L & Kelloway, Kevin & Natarajan, M. (2009). Massage therapy in the workplace: Reducing employee strain and blood pressure).

What is involved in a corporate massage session?

In your workplace we use our massage chairs which are ideally suited for the office as they are specifically designed for workplace massages. These chairs allow your employees to take some time away from their desk in a quiet and calming space to recharge.

With a chair massage the person will stay fully clothed and the therapist uses specific techniques that don’t require oil. Should clients wish to incorporate oil into their therapy this can be arranged on request.

Your employees can enjoy a 15minute chair massage. These treatments can be shorter or longer at your request. The day is very organised as a per registration list is sent to you a week before so your staff can select a time and be organised for their treatment.

What are the benefits for the company?

• Reduces stress in employees
• Improves staff morale and team building
• Maintains health within the organisation
• Reduces fatigue, tiredness and anxiety
• Helps prevent injuries such as repetitive strain injury (RSI)
• Increases blood circulation, promoting better concentration and focus in staff

What are the benefits for the individual?

• Feeling appreciated by employer
• Increased energy and motivation
• Reduced blood pressure
• Reduced aches and pains
• Relaxed and loosened muscles
• Increased circulation, relieving headaches and aiding concentration

The response we have seen from employees getting regular corporate massage in their workplace has been amazing. It lifts their spirits and they feel appreciated. If you are thinking about having massage in your workplace, don’t think twice. Give it a go and reek the rewards!